We are now accepting applications for Subject Area Experts to conduct the training for our 2017 Spring sessions slated to start in mid-April.

All training is held in Chicago.

Session topics include:

  1. Contract Documents

  2. Project Management

  3. Job Estimating​​​

Trainers-Accepting Applications for 2017 Sessions

Each week the trainer will discuss the session topic using a PowerPoint and/or video presentation. You can bring your own laptop as many trainers prefer, and we’ll have a projector and screen for your use.  The session is 3 hours.  Time should be left for Q&A.


Each trainer may be asked to remain 1 additional hour to address any further questions for participants who choose to avail themselves of this time. If there are no participants who care to remain, then the session would end at the appointed time.


Each participant must receive course materials provided by the trainer for use during the session, as well as study tools if appropriate.  These materials are to be developed by the trainer and emailed to our office for distribution in class.  We can print these materials for you and deliver to you at the session


Trainers are also asked to provide up to 7 questions for inclusion in our pre-workshop survey.


We expect a good exchange of information and answering of questions so participants will have a good grasp of the subject at the end of the session.  Trainers can use whatever tools you feel can best explain the subject.


It is critically important that the information be presented using common sense language so participants can comprehend the subject matter.  Each of the areas that comprise the series are complex and your selection as a trainer will be based on our belief that you can deliver the topic in a way they can understand.  The program is charged with very significant expectations by our organization and the City of Chicago Department of Procurement Services, so teaching versus lecturing is key.


At the end of each session, participants will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire regarding the program and the trainer.  Should you be selected as a trainer and want to receive the results of this survey, it will be provided.




The compensation for this training is excellent.  The actual amount will be communicated to applicants upon receipt of your application and selection.  You will be expected to invoice us for your services upon completion and payment will be made within 30 days, normally two weeks. 


Click the link below to download the application.