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To Build Capacity For Diverse Construction Businesses To Meet 21st Century Commercial Construction Demand.


The need for skilled, capable diverse construction firms has increased enormously as many projects are planned or underway across America.  Many of these projects have inclusion goals providing unprecedented opportunities for M/D/W/VBE firms who have the capacity to successfully submit, bid, win, and execute the requirements of the contract.

Historically, several factors have hampered the growth of the businesses targeted by TOOLS which include:

  1. Lack of operational structure

  2. Lack of capital

  3. Lack of access to needed equipment

  4. Lack of access to qualified staff and

  5. Inexperience in pursuing contracts, bidding and winning.


Moreover, there are few means through which these firms can access the spectrum of skills and knowledge needed to become serious contenders for commercial contracts. And most owners have never participated in formal leadership development to help create a viable business model in which to operate.   


Now they can.   Now there's...

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The TOOLS approach is designed to help your organization fulfill your diversity inclusion requirements


TOOLS is adaptable to any project, city, state or municipality.


Using our customized, multi-faceted approach, TOOLS is available to aid your municipality, agency or prime firm deliver a pool of capable, well-trained businesses to join your team. 


Through TOOLS, participating firms will be given the knowledge and skills to successfully bid, win and execute!!

Contact Us to discuss engaging us to assist you in delivering a pool of capable construction businesses.

We are the solution you've been looking for.

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